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Why NGI?

Not We, not They, but US!

Why this? You ask.

This day, I write to speak, of the Quintessential Indian Woman, who is as timeless, and endless as the vastness of the breadth of experience of Life in this country.

This Quintessential Woman of yester-years had blossomed in days of yore, when women were given the due respect, in times when Humanity thrived, on basic values of self esteem and courtesy. Then forward to the regressive days, she thrived, a beautiful flower that adorns a cactus, forever in thorns, it seemed. She, today, is wondering if she is going to be plucked when she is in her prime to just be an ornament, and not bring to fruition all her dreams of living just as much herself, being who she always wanted to be, and not an object of conformity of others’ ignoble ideals, customs and traditions. She too is human! How easily the world forgets this!!

In a society,where men are always treated as ‘individuals’, as those who have different choices,different temperaments, and where women are treated as a monolithic community who are all supposed to have similar choices, similar temperaments, similar tastes, it is important to make everyone realize how wrong that perception is.

If two women make two different choices on one single issue,it is automatically assumed that one of them has to be wrong.There are no in-betweens for Indian women.

Too often the voices of women in India are not heard and if they are at times, then the voices are conveniently ignored.

Most importantly, our voices are not heard on issues which affect us directly.

So here in this space I hope to bring to life that voice, along with others who want to make that difference. By just sharing of themselves, their views, their perspectives, and their wishes, dreams and aspirations for Her. For Me. For Us. To make a difference, in our own small way.

~Indian Women

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  1. October 29, 2009 6:51 pm

    All major evils of society directly impact women. Welcoming a girl child to the world, educating her and encouraging her to confidently face the world are the first steps towards women empowerment. Empowerment will come only with education.

    I believe for a society or country to truly progress, women must get equal status. No nation is eligible to talk about progress when one half of the population is still fighting for her rights.

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